Incommunities Bradford

By simply changing their kitchen and bathroom specifications, Incommunities along with many other Local Authorities and Housing Associations are looking forward to cutting millions of pounds from their future maintenance costs and at the same time reducing carbon emissions by thousands of tonnes.

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Working in Partnership and Providing Solutions

Incommunities chose the EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan for the installation of 3,600 fans for their kitchen and bathrooms. Working in partnership with Bullock, Lovell and Wates, two sites were allocated for internal and external improvement programmes - Manchester Road in Bradford and Crossflatts in Bingley. EnviroVent worked with Incommunities to come up with a solution to prevent weather ingress in the high rise tower blocks.

EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan window kits with back draft shutters were installed in the kitchens along with push through wall kits in the bathrooms, avoiding the need to use high rise scaffolding.


Wise Choice By Incommunities

Tim Kellet, Housing Maintenance Manager for Incommunities comments on the reasons for selecting the EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan:

Obviously we wanted a universal fan that could be standardised for wall or ceiling mounted and glazed for high rise, so that no external work to the building would be needed. The plug out/plug in central cartridge facility meant that the fan could be replaced quickly with minimal cost. The low life cycle costings were another factor and of course the five year ongoing guarantee.

At Crossflatts Bingley through-the-wall and window kits were installed. Tim Kellet recognised the qualities of the EnviroVent ‘Filterless’ Extract Fan, commenting:

The sensor inside the fan protecting the motor, along with the vapour tracking sensor are great features. The humidistat tracker was a big plus point for the EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan, increasing the motor speed proportionately to the level of moisture in the air, eliminating nuisance running/noise in the middle of the night. We have installed other fans in the past which have let us down. When we looked into the problem we found that the reason was down to poor quality parts from suppliers.



The logistics of a project such as Bradford are highly complex and this is a great example of how EnviroVent can provide successful partnerships, sound expert knowledge and innovative ventilation solutions in any set of circumstances. Incommunities can rest assured that not only are their ventilation needs in safe hands but they also have the peace of mind saving millions of pounds in replacement fans over a 25 year period.

Based on installing 3600 Filterless Extract Fans at a cost of £79 compared to a traditional extract fan costing £60, Incommunities will have saved a staggering £12.1million over a 25 year period and prevented 18,000 fans being thrown onto our fast disappearing landfill sites. This is equivalent to five fully loaded 20-foot containers! The weight of plastic that would be saved in the injection moulding process would be 45,000Kg and the energy cost in producing it would be £4,950, amounting to 19 tonnes of CO2.

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