Miller Homes Specifies PIV

EnviroVent's Positive Input Ventilation Systems (PIV) have been specified and installed on a new build development programme at Greenvale Park, Newcastle. The site, developed by Miller Homes, is a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom properties located just off the A1 motorway within close proximity of the Metro Centre.


The Benefits of PIV

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems create fresh and healthy living environments by supplying fresh, filtered air into a property at a continuous rate throughout a property. 
PIV Systems work by ensuring the movement of air from inside a property to outside from a unit. The PIV unit circulates fresh filtered air into the property at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air and reducing excess moisture which can cause condensation and damp.
Here, PIV was installed to meet the requirements of energy efficient ventilation in accordance with Part F of the Building Regulations and to meet the SAP requirements for code level 3. A BBA approved PIV unit is a recognised system within the Building Regulations and can achieve an attractive SAP rating.

Why PIV Was The Best Ventilation Solution

Edward Burton, Senior Architectural Technician at Miller Homes explains why PIV was chosen over other systems on the market. "We decided to use PIV because of a number of issues. There were acoustic requirements which ruled out the use of trickle vents and we were not keen on using wall mounted options. Initially, we would have used MVHR, but as we used PV panels to achieve 10% renewable energy, PIV became the best option."

Commenting from his own experience and working closely with Miller Homes, Director of consultancy, Energy & Design, SAP Assessor, Matthew Hurd, comments. "In domestic new build dwellings, using the latest L1A 2010 Regulations, PIV can show better results in SAP than some MVHR systems on air permeabilities of around 5 and higher."


A Whole House Ventilation System

Normally situated in the loft space, EnviroVent's PIV is a whole house ventilation system which works by delivering fresh, filtered air into a property at a continuous rate. One important factor, especially in today's uncertain climate, is cost effectiveness. PIV works out as less than a third of the build costs compared to other ventilation methods on the market, which amounts to significant savings for most budgets. It is quick and easy to install, without the requirement for core drilling, extensive ductwork or trickle vents.

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Energy Efficient Ventilation

Choosing a PIV unit can have additional energy efficient benefits for homeowners. On average, temperatures in the loft space are 3 degrees higher than outside and on brighter days there is a natural accumulation of heat from the sun. The unit takes full advantage of the solar gain available from within this space, which saves on average 150 Watts per day. This equates to around 10% of annual space heating costs.

In addition to this, a PIV system also utilises the warm air which accumulates at ceiling level. This air can be up to 7 degrees higher than at ground level and the faint flow of fresh, filtered air being introduced from the loft space helps to redistribute this warm air around the home, further reducing space heating costs.


A Sustainable Future

Backed up by a 5 year maintenance free warranty, EnviroVent's PIV systems have been designed to outlast the lifecycle of the property they are installed in and are fitted with Ultra Low Watt DC motors for reduced carbon emissions.

PIV for newbuild properties offers favourable SAP results, no core drilling or extensive ductwork.

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