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Tackling Fuel Poverty

The heatSava is ideal for bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens in both retrofit and new build projects. Designed for people looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and money, the unit recovers up to 75% of heat that would normally be lost on extraction whilst providing continuous all year round good indoor air quality.

Energy Efficient House

Quick and easy to fit, the heatSava is available in two sizes, 100mm for bathrooms (low voltage version is optional) and WCs and 150mm for kitchens. What’s more, this extremely practical unit can either utilise an existing extractor fan wall sleeve or be installed into a new wall.

Keith Brown, Team Manager Asset Management said:

“Following our long term relationship with EnviroVent and the installation of PIV and thousands of Filterless Fans over the years, we decided to specify the EnviroVent heatSava in a number of our properties across the Fife Council region for enhanced energy saving benefits."

Rory Percival, Technical Manager at EnviroVent was working closely with Keith and the Fife Team on the project and said:

“Some of the heatSavas were installed in remote areas of the Fife Council region that do not have connection to the gas network. It was therefore even more paramount that an energy-efficient method of ventilation was installed to minimise running cost and consumption.”

The heatSava runs continuously 24 hours a day on a low background trickle rate to provide constant all your round good indoor air quality, controlling humidity levels and reducing condensation.

Ideal for social housing and rented properties, the unit has been engineered to operate automatically in reacting to increases in humidity levels by altering the motor speed in direct proportion. Once humidity falls, the airflow rate tracks back down again to save energy.

Since the installation of the heatSava units in the Fife Council properties, the majority of tenants have noticed an improvement to condensation in their kitchens and bathrooms.