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Ventilation & COVID-19

Good Ventilation & COVID-19

The message from the Government is that good ventilation is key to reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Opening windows for ventilation is a great step, but with the cold winter days and early dark nights not only can open windows allow heat to escape but they also pose security issues.

A longer term option to improving ventilation in your home is through the use of an extractor fan, PIV system or MVHR system.

Hints and Tips For Healthy Extractor Fans and Ventilation

If you currently have ventilation in your home, follow our helpful  hints and tips below for a healthy extractor fan or ventilation system:

Improve Ventilation In Your Home

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COVID-19 & Keeping Our Customers Safe

How are EnviroVent keeping customers and surveyors safe during home surveys? 

Read the full guide here, which explains what you can expect on the day. We take health and safety seriously, never more so than in these challenging times, your safety and that of our team remains our priority.

Read how we are keeping customers safe during home surveys

Ventilation in Non-Residential Buildings

Evidence from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDPC) states that poor ventilation in confined indoor spaces is associated with increased transmission of respiratory infections, such as COVID-19.

To ensure that infections don’t rise again as populations remobilise, the government and organisations such as CIBSE, ASHRAE and REHVA are issuing guidance aimed at minimising the risk of people falling ill with COVID-19 in reoccupied buildings.

Read more from the ECDPC here > 

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