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Ventilation Experts in Powys

The largest, yet least populated county in Wales is a region of the country blessed with natural beauty, and a popular destination for walkers and holidaymakers throughout the year.  Stretching from Oswestry in the North down to the Brecon Beacons in the south, the county lies inland from the Irish Sea coast, and its mountainous terrain means that the climate can be wet throughout the year.

Although sparsely populated, Powys has many holiday homes that are not occupied throughout the year, which means that homeowners need to take care to ensure that their homes are not damaged by condensation, damp, and mould during the cooler months of the year.

Preventing condensation, damp, and mould in Powys

With many older properties in the Powys region and the humid climate, condensation can be a major problem.  Poor insulation means that cool outer walls can become damp from condensation forming if there is insufficient ventilation. 

With traditional buildings, condensation can quickly soak through into the plaster work and create patches of damp.  These are not only expensive to repair but are also the perfect environment for mould to grow.

Mould spores can spread quickly, and some varieties require professional cleaning to protect residents’ health.

Powys has high radon levels

Many parts of Powys are underpinned by geology where radioactive radon gas seeps up from the ground and can concentrate in poorly ventilated buildings.  The East and south of the county around the Cambrian mountains and Brecon Beacons are particularly affected.  Whole house ventilation is recommended in these types of area.  Positive Input Ventilation systems can be retrofitted into an existing property and draw fresh filtered air in at roof level to replace the air in the home.  This air is drawn in above the level where Radon concentrates, and it keeps the gas at safe levels throughout the year.

Local Ventilation Experts in Powys

EnviroVent’s local ventilation experts in Powys can carry out a free home survey at your property that will identify the causes of condensation and give you advice and access to a range of products that will prevent condensation for good.  Simply enter your postcode below to find your local expert.

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“The system has worked very well and all traces of mould have disappeared and as we have had a very wet winter I am really impressed.”

Elaine Sarchet

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“Excellent service, condensation has totally gone.”

Chris Williams

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