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Ventilation Experts in The South Downs

Lying between the south coast of England and Crawley, the South Downs region is one of the most picturesque parts of Great Britain, and a highly sought-after place to live.  Residents of the region enjoy attractive countryside and postcard villages, but the nature of many properties in the region means that poor air quality and condensation can be a major problem.

As a popular tourist destination, many homes are not occupied all year round, which can worsen problems with both radon and damp.  Improving holiday home ventilation with sensor-based extractor fans that detect high humidity levels and adjust their power automatically can help prevent condensation, while energy efficient whole house ventilation systems can run year-round to prevent radon build up.

Preventing condensation, damp, and mould in the South Downs

The warm climate in summer means that many South Downs homeowners don’t think about condensation, but in the winter months it can be a major problem in older properties.  Condensation forms when humid air meets cool surfaces, and in homes without modern insulation, condensation can quickly develop into damp that can be expensive to repair.

Mould thrives in damper conditions and can be detrimental to the health of people with respiratory problems and allergies, so needs to be dealt with quickly.  Improving the ventilation in a property helps to control humidity and stops condensation for good.

Dealing with Radon in the South Downs

The geography that makes the South Downs so attractive hides a geology where radon gas can be a problem.  Rocks below the surface of the landscape in many parts of the region are high in radon which seeps up from the ground and can become trapped in homes.

High concentrations of radon are associated with an elevated risk of lung cancers, and as such, if your home is in part of the South Downs where Radon levels are high such as the areas around Tillingdon and Fittleworth, you should consider whole house ventilation as a means of reducing radon levels.

PIV systems draw fresh air in at roof level and filter it to remove particulate matter to displace the radon laden atmosphere in your home.  This keeps levels low and protects your health.

Local Ventilation Experts in the South Downs

Envirovent ventilation experts in the South Downs have helped households across the region to stop condensation and reduce radon in their homes permanently. We offer a free home survey that identifies the causes of condensation in your home and our local experts can provide advice and access to a range of products to prevent condensation developing into problems with damp and mould in your home.

For help from a local condensation expert in the region, simply fill in your postcode below and request a survey.

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“Would highly recommend this product. No more damp issues.”

Shirley Duthie

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“The system has worked very well and all traces of mould have disappeared and as we have had a very wet winter I am really impressed.”

Elaine Sarchet

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“Excellent service, condensation has totally gone.”

Chris Williams

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