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Planned Maintenance

Social Landlords often receive complaints where residents discover condensation or worse factors caused by condensation, like damp or mould. This is caused by insufficient ventilation and a build-up of moisture, which is easily rectifiable with a proper ventilation solution. With preventative measures in the form of planned maintenance, residents are protected from such issues and can enjoy a healthy living environment. 

Mould caused by insufficient ventilation

When you choose EnviroVent, you can be sure of receiving a professional service from your first call with your local ventilation specialist through to installation with our qualified ventilation engineers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ventilation products and offer long term warranties to protect your property. 

EnviroVent are experts in ventilation

Positive input ventilation (PIV) can help where other types of ventilation have failed. It is a proven method of prevention for condensation and mould issues in habitable rooms without impacting on the living space of the resident. It can also greatly improve the indoor air quality improving lives for sufferers of asthma or allergies.

Positive input ventilation prevents condensation

Since 2004, Fife Council has been specifying EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fans and Positive Input Ventilation units. The PIV units had been chosen for specific applications where poor ventilation was an issue and a whole house ventilation method was required. By 2007 they had installed 475 across their housing stock.

Since 2004, Fife Council has been specifying EnviroVent

Keith Brown, Fife Council’s Housing Maintenance and Improvement Team Leader explains,

“Fife Council has long been an advocate of positive ventilation systems and has developed an excellent partnership with EnviroVent in combatting mould and condensation problems experienced by our tenants. PIV has a proven track record in addressing these problems and is of particular benefit where the primary cause is a lifestyle issue rather than a building defect.”

EnviroVent improving lives through ventilation

For any social housing provider interested in PIV, EnviroVent has its own specialist team who will survey, recommend and then install the product into an existing or new property.

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EnviroVent are experts in ventilation


We hold numerous major accreditations from leading national bodies in recognition of our excellence in the ventilation industry.

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