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Experts In Ventilation For Letting Agents

With over 30 years experience solving condensation and mould problems across the UK, EnviroVent are the experts in providing letting agents with permanent solutions to rid them of issues in their rented properties and help to reduce the number of complaints from tenants due to damp and mould. Furthermore, we are also proud to hold many accreditations which showcase our excellent products and service.

                                                       Resolve issues with Condensation and Mould in Rental Properties     

Everyday activities such as bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes inside a property increase the levels of excess moisture in the air. If your property has no ventilation or the current extractor fan is inadequate then the moisture cannot escape and mould will start to grow. 

EnviroVent are experts in providing letting agents with permanent solutions to solve these issues. We have solutions for every kind of property, whether it be an apartment, flat, bungalow, house or castle!

Cut Maintenance Costs and Repair Nightmares

Poor ventilation can lead to damp and mould and become a costly affair and if not properly addressed it will return time and time again. Not only does this cost money to address; paint, replacing any furniture or fittings affected and possible labour costs, if any serious structural damage is appertained it could affect the ability to attract new tenants or even the value of the property.

With our wide range of eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems, manufactured here in the UK, you can be assured that not only will the indoor air quality in your properties be dramatically improved, but so will the health of your tenants, whilst saving you money in repair costs.

EnviroVent’s PIV units draw filtered external air into a property and circulate it throughout from a central location, while simultaneously drawing internal air outside. Air is circulated at a continuous rate, to ensure that within the property, air is always fresh and free of the excess moisture which can cause damp. While an extractor fan may be effective in an individual room, such as a kitchen or bathroom, where condensation is an issue, a PIV unit ventilates the entire property, making it more generally effective against damp.

Powered by ultra-low-watt motors, EnviroVent’s systems use minimal power, which is both cost-saving and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, each unit is designed to last for the life-cycle of the property where it is installed. The unit’s components are recyclable, which means that the unit can usually be repaired, rather than replaced. Backed by a five-year guarantee, an EnviroVent unit is a long-term solution to the problem of damp.

                                                       Black mould on an interior wall     

When you choose EnviroVent, you can be sure of receiving a professional service from your first call with your local ventilation specialist through to installation with our qualified ventilation engineers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ventilation products and offer long term warranties to protect your home and your health. If you would like to see some of the work we have completed and what others have said, please click here to take a look at our case studies. 

Need help with condensation, mould or damp problems?

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  • check Identify any underlying problems and make recommendations for a permanent solution

Need help with condensation, mould or damp problems?

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