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Building Regulations Part F (Ventilation)

When building a new property it is important to comply with requirements in building regulations for installation, inspection, testing, commissioning and provision of information when installing fixed ventilations systems in your new and existing property.

Due to the increasing complexity of the Regulations, ventilation strategies and system design must be considered at the earliest stages of building design. In England and Wales, requirements for ventilation are contained in Approved Document Part F, Ventilation and can be downloaded from

The Building Regulations Part F 2010 considers three ventilation types:

Whole Building

This type of ventilation provides a constant level of fresh air to dilute and disperse low levels of water vapour and other pollutants, usually by the provision of background ventilators or mechanical supply ventilation.

Local Extract

This type of ventilation in rooms where most water vapour or concentrated pollutants are released, usually by mechanical means such as extract fans.


This type of ventilation for the rapid dilution and removal of high concentrations of pollutants from occasional activities, usually by opening windows. The requirements for Purge ventilation are set out in Appendix B of Part F.

The performance rates for each of the “System” approaches set out in Part F are the minimum requirements needed to ensure that adequate air quality is provided for people indoors. The occupant's health could be at risk if these ventilation rates are compromised. The following systems are outlined which satisfy the performance standard:

System 1 - Background Ventilation and Intermittent Extract Fans
System 2 - Passive Stack Ventilation
System 3 - Mechanical Extract Ventilation
System 4 - Mechanical Extract Ventilation with Heat Recovery
System 5 - Systems with BBA Accreditation

Regulations are constantly being reviewed, with the aim to improve the building standards in the future.