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Subcontractor Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule


  1. The price is the price stated on the schedule of rates.
  2. Subcontractors are expected to travel up to a 70 mile radius from their business address at their own cost, irrespective of time taken (we account for 45 minutes travel time at the beginning and end of each day as travel to and from work time). EnviroVent will pay 0.35p per mile for any travel over and above the 70 mile radius.
  3. The subcontractor will be required to book and pay for any accommodation required if working away.  This will be reimbursed to you along with a set amount towards an evening meal.  These items will need to be invoiced as set out in point 6 with receipts being provided
  4. EnviroVent Limited may instruct any variation or extra works that may be necessary to complete the works. The subcontractor will not undertake any extra work or variations without the written consent of EnviroVent Limited. The valuation of extra works or variations shall be at the rates as stated in this contract or if no rate is stated then at a sum determined to be fair and reasonable by EnviroVent Limited.
  5. Invoices must be submitted to the Accounts Department ( at EnviroVent Ltd on the first working day of each week. The invoice should include all works completed in the previous week.
  6. Invoice Payment terms are 35 days month end.