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Stock Management Policy for Subcontractors

Stock Management Policy

a) The subcontractor will ensure that all jobs completed are recorded in real time on Solar Vista, complete with all equipment and units installed. This must be done as per guidance issued by Envirovent Ltd on job completion.

b) Stock issued to the subcontractor remains the property of Envirovent Ltd at all times, and the subcontractor must not issue, sell, install or otherwise use this stock unless as instructed by Envirovent Ltd.

c) Control and monitoring of stock issued to the subcontractor is the sole responsibility of the subcontractor.

d) The subcontractor will carry out periodic stocktakes every quarter on the dates instructed by Envirovent Ltd. These dates must be kept clear, and the subcontractor must receive confirmation of stock accuracy from Envirovent Ltd before closing the stocktake.

e) The subcontractor will be liable for the loss of any stock not able to be accounted for during stocktakes or at any other time in the relationship at which the subcontractor has been issued stock belonging to Envirovent Ltd.

f) All stock must be returned to Envirovent Ltd upon termination of the relationship. Any stock not accounted for is the sole responsibility of the subcontractor and Envirovent Ltd will take measures to recover the value of stock not accounted for.

g) The subcontractor must ensure they are using the correct methods to process their stock movements. These methods are outlined in the External stock standard operating procedure document