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You buy an ATMOS® system. We plant a tree. Simple.

We’ll improve your home and the planet’s atmosphere

We love our planet and our energy efficient ventilation systems are designed to improve the atmosphere in your home. Now, if you buy and have an ATMOS® whole home ventilation system from our Lifetime Range® installed by EnviroVent, we’ll also plant a tree, on your behalf, free of charge!

More trees to absorb CO2, and replenish the air with oxygen.

Part of Our Planet-friendly Programme

We have chosen to work with MoreTrees to help us achieve our offsetting target, within our planet-friendly programme. Which in 10 years’ time, could completely offset our carbon emissions.

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We’re Planting Thousands Of Trees Every Year

For the launch of our planet-friendly programme, we immediately planted 1,000 trees. This offsets 300 tonnes of CO2! Our aim, each year, is to plant another 5,000 trees, this will remove approximately 1,5000 tonnes of CO2.

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Why our Lifetime Range®?

Our Lifetime Range® is a dedicated range of environmentally-friendly ventilation systems with ultra-low watt motors, engineered with sustainable components that are designed to outlast the property they are installed in and be incredibly energy efficient. The ATMOS® system is part of our range and improves the environment inside a property by bringing fresh filtered air in, eliminating condensation and mould, whilst reducing pollutants, allergens and dust mites.

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A Long-term Commitment

We understand there’s not quick fix to tackling global warming, but what’s needed is for everyone to make a serious long-term commitment to cutting and offsetting their CO2 emissions, with an aim to become carbon neutral. MoreTrees are able to help us achieve this, by planting trees for us responsibly, over a long-term period, with a promise to manage them for life.

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