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What is MEV - Mechanical Extract Ventilation?

MEV or Mechanical Extract Ventilation are systems that provide continuous ventilation using multi point extracts. The centralised systems draw moisture-laden air from multiple wet rooms of a property. All our Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems are reliable, long-lasting and operate at low noise levels. 

What's the Difference Between MEV and MVHR?

MVHR offers a completely balanced system, providing both extract and supply ventilation. It extracts heat and moisture from wet rooms/kitchens and supplies fresh, filtered air, including recovered heat, to habitable rooms. MEV is also a whole house ventilation system but provides just extract ventilation from wet rooms and kitchens.

Both MEV and MVHR systems are most suitable for new properties rather than retrofit, but MVHR systems do require a more airtight property where virtually all of the air flow can pass through the heat exchanger, if they are to perform efficiently.

With inner cities obviously having higher pollution levels, MVHR systems are seen as more suitable because of the filter element, but in apartment blocks it’s often the case that only the first four floors are fitted with MVHR and the remaining with MEV as polluted air is heavier and therefore stays closer to the ground.

MEV is required when:

✔ You are doing a full renovation or building a new house rather than a retrofit.

✔ You want an easy to install, whole house ventilation solution.

✔ You want a fit and forget solution.

Unsure if MEV is Right For You?

It can be difficult to know which ventilation system is right for you or even what would be possible to install in your home, that's why we offer a free survey.

During a free home survey your local expert will assess any condensation, damp and mould problems that you may be facing in your property and take readings of the relative humidity levels throughout the property.

All our ventilation specialists are highly trained in carrying out home surveys to identify any underlying problems and make recommendations to ensure the correct solution is provided, all complying with current Building Regulations.

When you choose EnviroVent, you can be sure of receiving a professional service from your first call with your local ventilation specialist through to installation with our qualified ventilation engineers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ventilation products and offer long term warranties to protect your home and your health.

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