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What is MEV - Mechanical Extract Ventilation?

What is MEV - Mechanical Extract Ventilation

Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems provide a continuous source of ventilation by removing moisture laden air from a property through multiple extract points. MEV Systems are a centralised ventilation system that can prevent the water vapour generated in multiple wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms from escaping into other parts of a house where they might cause damp or mould problems. 

Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems are reliable, long lasting, efficient, and operate at low noise levels that do not disturb you when they are in use.

The Difference Between MEV and MVHR?

Some Mechanical Extract Systems are designed to incorporate heat recovery systems that use the warmth in the air being extracted from a building to heat the incoming air.  Heat recovery systems are extremely efficient and can recover up to 85% of the energy that would otherwise be lost.  These are called Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

MVHR systems offer a completely balanced system.  They extract moist or stale air from a building and supply fresh air into the rooms.  Both types of system are whole house ventilation systems.

In most cases, both MEV and MVHR systems are most suitable for new build properties rather than retro-fit.  This is due to the way in which the systems are designed.  In the case of MVHR systems, it is desirable for the property to be almost airtight.  This is because MVHR systems rely on as much airflow as possible passing through the heat exchanger to collect heat so that it can be used to warm incoming air.

MVHR systems are popular in urban areas where there is higher pollution, as the system filters the incoming air.  You will often find that the bottom 4 floors of an apartment block will feature MVHR while MEV is used on upper floors.  This is due to the different levels of particulate pollution at lower levels where the air filters are more beneficial.

MEV is required when:

✔ You are doing a full renovation or building a new house rather than a retrofit.

✔ You want an easy to install, whole house ventilation solution.

✔ You want a fit and forget solution.

Is MEV right for you?

If you are confused about the different types of ventilation system and want more information to help you decide on the best system for your property, please contact us today and book a free home survey.  Our local ventilation specialists are based across the UK and can visit your property and give you advice about the best system for your needs.

During a free home survey your local expert will assess any condensation, damp and mould problems that you may be facing in your property and take readings of the relative humidity levels throughout the property.

All our ventilation specialists are highly trained in carrying out home surveys to identify any underlying problems and make recommendations to ensure the correct solution is provided, all complying with current Building Regulations.

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