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2 million Filterless Fans, manufactured in our HQ, in Harrogate

We are proud that we have helped over 1,500 customers to improve their indoor air quality and make huge savings in energy costs, maintenance and replacement costs.

Over a 20-year lifecycle period, 2 million Filterless Fan installations COULD save as an estimate: 58,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the production process of plastics for replacement fans, and 640 twenty-foot containers of replacement extractor fans going to landfill sites.

Browse our range of sustainable products below - The Lifetime Range

Browse our range of sustainable products - The Lifetime Range

Our Sustainable Products

We have invested heavily in developing and manufacturing a wide range of unique environmentally friendly ventilation systems. We are also committed to recycling products wherever possible.

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Designed to Perform, Built to Last

Our Filterless Fan is designed specifically for the rigours of social housing where there is a need to remove moisture and improve indoor air quality over long periods of time. Designed to perform and built to last longer than any other fan on the market, the Filterless Fans offers huge lifecycle savings and also benefits the residents by saving them money and reducing their heating bills.

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Designed to deliver the lowest possible maintenance

Designed to deliver the lowest possible maintenance, the lowest long-term life-cycle costs and reduced energy usage. Here’s some of the Filterless Fan’s benefits:

  • Designed To Perform, Built To Last
  • High Performance, Low Energy Costs
  • Intuitive Intellitrac® Humidity Tracking
  • Unique Patented Central Cartridge
  • Low Long Term Life-Cycle Costs
  • Part of our Lifetime range
  • Queens award for innovation (2009)
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