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heatSava, Cost Effective And Energy Efficient Solution

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heatSava, Cost Effective And Energy Efficient Solution

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Apr 12, 2013

Did you know that social housing accounts for almost 20% of the UK’s housing stock (ONS), representing a huge proportion of invested capital for both councils and housing associations? Improper ventilation within these properties can cause high levels of humidity and other contaminants, resulting in building damage (leading to extra cost) and possible health problems amongst residents.

The fallout from poor ventilation

High occupancy levels, as well as pets and everyday activities like showers, cooking, and drying clothes indoors, can quickly lead to condensation and associated black mould growth. Other contaminants such as allergens from dust mites Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from aerosols and furniture additives, household odours and even radon gas can seriously affect the health of residents and aggravate asthma, bronchitis and skin problems. In addition, high humidity levels can damage the valuable fabric of the buildings themselves and lead to further problems and unnecessary expense.

A cost effective and energy efficient solution

EnviroVent’s heatSava provides you with a simple and effective solution to combat these problems. A Single Room Heat Recovery Unit that is usually fitted into bathrooms and kitchens. The unit works without the need for user intervention to control humidity levels and continuously extract moist, stale air and contaminants from the room where it is situated whilst at the same time - drawing fresh air from outside into the room. Unlike traditional extract fans, this supply of clean, healthy air passes through a high-efficiency tubular heat-exchanger where it collects up to 75% of the heat from the stale air which is being extracted. This means the fresh air is pre-warmed before it enters the room offering significant savings on heating costs for the residents. Basically, it’s like having the windows open but without losing any of the heat! Reducing carbon emissions The heatSava is perfect for Asset Managers looking to eliminate their tenant’s condensation and mould issues whilst helping them to reduce their heating bills. What’s more, the heatSava is the ideal solution for councils and housing associations looking to meet energy and carbon reduction targets. The unit is easy to install and suits a wide range of different wall sizes and situations. The heatSava comes with automatic Summer Bypass and Frost Protection features as standard, designed for hassle-free maintenance it also comes with a renewable five-year warranty.

Watch the video below to see the heatSava in action: