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HeatSava: Innovative Single Room Heat Recovery for Rental Properties

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HeatSava is an Innovative Single Room Heat Recovery System for Rental Properties

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Nov 02, 2021

Landlords and property management companies using heatSava can benefit from eliminating condensation in properties while reducing energy costs and maintenance.

The heatSava is a Single Room Heat Recovery Unit developed by EnviroVent that is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, WCs, and utility rooms on both retrofit and new build properties.  This innovative, energy efficient solution is an alternative to traditional extractor fan ventilation and is available in both Ø100mm and Ø150mm versions depending on needs.

How heatSava Works

The heatSava works by continuously extracting stale, moist air from wet room areas of the property.  This air passes over a high efficiency tubular heat exchange cell which has been designed to allow the air to cyclone around the barrel like a corkscrew.  This retains the heat from the extracted air before it escapes the building.  Fresh air from outside is supplied through the tubes where it collects up to 75% of the heat in the extracted air before being supplied into the room.  HeatSava improves indoor air quality and helps to control mould and condensation problems in an energy efficient way which helps your tenants save money on their energy bills.

HeatSava is 100% balanced across both supply and extract airflows, operating in perfect symmetry to achieve optimal efficiency in accordance with current EU SRHR test methodology.  To ensure that residents don’t suffer from overheating during warmer months, heatSava has an automatic summer mode that stops warmer air from entering the home.  For protection of the cell during the winter, heatSava incorporates a frost protection function.

Automatic Power Adjustment

One of the biggest advantages offered by heatSava is the inclusion of an intelligent humidity tracking control.  This continually monitors the humidity level and adjusts the speed of the motor.  This means that the heatSava only uses the amount of energy required to reduce moisture levels which leads to lower energy use.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The heatSava offers a major benefit to landlords and property managers in the form of low ongoing maintenance costs.  Aside from reduced condensation which can lead to expensive damp and mould repairs, the units themselves can be maintained easily by residents thanks to an easy to remove heat exchange cartridge that can simply be wiped clean and reinserted without the need for an electrician to be involved.

As part of EnviroVent’s Lifetime Range®, the heatSava also offers a renewable 5-year warranty from EnviroVent and uses sustainably manufactured components that are designed to outlast the lifecycle of the building where it is installed.

Suitable for Almost Any Property

A major advantage of the heatSava is its flexibility when it comes to installation.  The cell is available for multiple wall thicknesses from 310mm to 600mm and can be installed either horizontally or vertically to replace a traditional extractor fan.

Find Out More

To find out more about how EnviroVent’s heatSava can help simplify maintenance and improve ventilation in your housing stock, please contact us today to speak to one of our ventilation specialists.

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