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Positive Input Ventilation For Your New Build Project

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Positive Input Ventilation For Your New Build Project

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

May 21, 2012

Since they were rolled out in 2010, the key changes to Parts F (Ventilation) and L (Conservation of Fuel & Power) have established their mark within new build construction. The revisions have resulted in significant steps towards ventilation becoming a ‘controlled’ service, focusing on energy efficiency, correct installation and ensuring that the end user understands how to operate and maintain their system.

With legislation ‘upping the ante’ on energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions - all new homes are to be built airtight, underlining the requirement for effective ventilation. Basically, adequate ventilation is no longer good enough and with an array of products on the market, all designed to meet the criteria of the Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes - it can be a minefield deciding what to fit.

Positive Input Ventilation, a cost effective solution

One way to keep in line with Code Levels is to fit a BBA approved Positive Input Ventilation Unit (PIV).

Normally situated in the loft space, PIV is a whole house ventilation system which works by delivering fresh, filtered air into a property at a continuous rate. One very attractive benefit, especially in today’s uncertain climate, is cost effectiveness.

To install PIV the build costs can be less than a third compared to other ventilation methods on the market- totting up significant savings for most budgets. It is quick and easy to install, without the requirement for extensive ductwork or trickle vents. What’s more, in domestic new build dwellings PIV can sometimes show better results in SAP than some MVHR systems.

Check out the Miller Homes Case Study. EnviroVent offer a complete service solution for new build projects, our bespoke design service using paraCAD software, provides detailed technical drawings fully compliant with the current building regulations, helping you to achieve the best SAP Ratings.