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The Lowest Life Cycle Costs With The Lifetime Range

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The Lowest Life Cycle Costs With The Lifetime Range

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jul 13, 2012

In order to create a healthy living environment and avoid any condensation and mould problems, asset managers around the country are kept on their toes as it is their job (amongst many other things) to ensure their housing stock is kept well ventilated.

Without ventilation, not only will the fabric of the property suffer but so will the residents’ health.  In today’s uncertain climate local authorities and housing associations have to work with much tighter budgets - yet they are still expected to achieve the same standards.

Huge savings with the lowest life cycle costs, reducing carbon emissions

All asset managers out there will be pleased to hear that you can enjoy significant savings and long term benefits when it comes to ventilation for social housing, in addition to curbing condensation and mould problems! But how, you may ask?  The answer: The Lifetime Range® from EnviroVent.

The Lifetime Range®

In 2007, EnviroVent launched the Lifetime Range®, sustainable ventilation solutions developed to last the life of the property in which they are installed in. Designed to cater for all domestic applications the range includes the award winning filterless extract fan, mechanical extract ventilation (MEV), positive input ventilation (PIV) and heat recovery systems; the Lifetime Range® really is the complete environmentally friendly solution.

What’s more, in addition to being energy efficient and suitably sustainable, all products in the Lifetime Range® have been innovatively designed so that after five years, any worn out components can be reworked or recycled and replaced.

The proof is in the case study…

See how the Lifetime Range® can help you save money and reduce the carbon footprint of your housing stock by checking out our case studies on the links below:

Havebury Housing – Keeping it Green with EnviroVent

After installing EnviroVent’s PIV units, Havebury Housing Partnership have achieved a carbon emission reduction of 56% over the last 16 years, including the entire prevention of mould and condensation problems.

Working in Partnership – Cartrefi Conwy

EnviroVent’s PIV units also helped Cartefi Conwy to save a staggering £3.9million in replacement costs over a 25-year period, thanks to the units being installed across its 3800 homes.

Breathing life into high rise living

EnviroVent’s MEV Spider, also part of the Lifetime Range® a continuous mechanical extract ventilation system, was chosen by City West for its eco-friendly characteristics, energy efficiency and long term savings.

Saving millions and our planet- Fife Council

Since 2004, Fife Council has installed a total of over 20,000 EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fans across its housing stock. If any other extract fan had been installed, Fife could have expected to have paid in excess of £12million in replacement fan costs over a 25 year period. This would amount to 100,000 replacement extract fans, equivalent to 32 fully loaded 20 foot containers going to landfill sites!