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How MVHR Systems Help Reduce Heating Bills

How MVHR Systems Help Reduce Heating Bills

With fuel bills rising to their highest levels in history and growing awareness of the importance of reducing energy use, it has never been more important to look at ways to improve the efficiency of our homes.

Modern homes are designed and constructed to be as airtight as possible.  Thanks to thick insulation in wall cavities and ceilings, and the use of double glazing for windows with insulating frames that prevent draughts, air flow in and out of the home is minimised.  While this is helpful in keeping the building energy efficient, it can result in a build up of humidity which can lead to condensation, mould, and damp forming when the moisture in the air comes into contact with cooler surfaces.

Ensuring that your home is well ventilated is the most effective way of preventing condensation related problems, but in conventional systems, such as single room extractor fans, there will be heat loss as the warm air in your home is expelled.

The use of a ventilation system that incorporates heat recovery means that you get the benefits of having improved airflow without the risk of wasted energy heating air that is extracted.

What is MVHR

MVHR, or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is a system that balances the supply of fresh air from outside with the extraction of moist or stale air from the building while also using a heat exchanger that captures the warmth in the air being extracted and using it to warm the incoming air.

Heat exchangers are highly efficient, and the cells used in Envirovent’s MVHR range are capable of recovering between 60-95% of the heat in the exhaust air, which significantly reduces heat loss.

In most cases, MVHR takes the form of a whole house mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) system in which the system pushes air out of the building and the change in air pressure draws in the fresh air from outside.  In these systems, the central unit houses the heat exchanger where the energy is recaptured.

Single room heat recovery systems are also available such as EnviroVent’s HeatSava.  This works in the same way as a whole house system but replaces a traditional extractor fan in a wet or humid room such as a kitchen or bathroom.  Single Room Heat Recovery Systems can be retrofitted into a property and remove humid air via a heat exchange cell that recovers lost heat from that room and feeds fresh, warm air back into the home.

Reducing Heating Bills

By reducing the amount of energy that is wasted or lost when warm air is removed from your home, heat recovery systems help to keep temperatures more constant and remove the need to “top up” your heating during the day.  This helps to reduce your overall heating bills.

During warmer months, when retaining warm air in the home is less desirable, the summer bypass features in MVHR systems are useful in ensuring that the air drawn in from outdoors is cooler.

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If you are concerned about rising fuel bills and want to do your bit to reduce energy loss in your home, speak to one of our local ventilation specialists.  They can arrange a free home survey and advise you about the best solution for your needs that will help you enjoy fresh air in your home without wasting energy or losing heat.

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