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How Much Energy do Ventilation Systems Use

How Much Energy do Ventilation Systems Use

With rising energy costs, and increased awareness of our individual impact on the environment, the amount of energy we use in our homes is under scrutiny like never before.  Households are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their bills, and as with all home appliances, ventilation systems are part of this equation.

From extractor fans to whole house solutions like PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) and MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery), ventilation systems serve several different functions in our homes.  They work to control the flow of fresh air into different rooms and expel moist air generated from bathing and cooking to reduce humidity and prevent condensation causing problems with damp and mould.

The amount of energy used by ventilation systems depends on a variety of factors including:

Modern ventilation systems are designed to use as little energy as possible.  The use of ultra-efficient motors, moisture sensors to control power levels to ensure effective air flow, and even location in the property play a part in minimising waste.

Ventilation systems such as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) include heat exchangers which capture the heat from the air that is being removed from the building and use it to warm the incoming air. 

Ventilation System Energy Use

You can find detailed information about how much it costs to run EnviroVent ventilation systems on the following page:

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The Cyclone 7 extractor fan, which can be fitted in kitchens and bathrooms features a sensor which controls the fan speed to remove moisture from the air as quickly as possible which means that it does not need to run for as long as conventional fans to achieve the same results.  Over the course of a year, it costs less than £4 in an average bathroom.  Positive Input Ventilation systems such as the EnviroVent Atmos run 24 hours a day to draw fresh air into your home and displace moisture and prevent condensation.  Running costs will depend on the size of your home but can be as little as £8.76 when mounted in a loft.

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