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Low Energy Ultra Quiet In-Line Duct Fans

Ultra quiet and low profile helicocentrifugal in-line fans suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Fitted with sound absorbent insulation and manufactured with an adjustable two speed 230V 50Hz motor*.

Easy to install and maintain, the SILENT MV fans guarantee exceptional performance with significant noise reduction.

Key Features

  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet Operation

    Designed to perform with low noise levels.

  • IP44

    IP44 Rated ensuring protection against solid objects that are over 1mm and splashing water.

  • Flexible Mounting
    Flexible Mounting

    Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting, fixing brackets to the motor body are included.

  • 5 Year Warranty
    5 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.

  • Multi Speed
    Multi Speed

    Manufactured with an adjustable 2/3 speed 230V 50Hz motor

  • Range

    Due to its flexibility it can be used in a multitude of small to medium fan installations.


Presenting the world’s quietest in-line fans

Presenting the world’s quietest in-line fan range in their class, the SILENT MV ECOWATT range creates a quantum leap forward in technology to improve the acoustic performance of up to 12 dB(A) compared with similar products on the market.

The SILENT MV ECOWATT range is the result of an intense R&D, technological and economic investment to ensure that you can be guaranteed of a product range that provides exceptional performance with significant noise reduction. Following extensive aerodynamic testing, we have been able to not only reduce the amount of noise produced, but also ensure that the noise level that is actually emitted is at a far lower frequency, providing a quiet and ambient environment.

By installing the SILENT MV ECOWATT, you will never experience the disturbance of noisy ventilation again.


The SILENT MV ECOWATT range offers one of the most versatile fan systems on the market. Due to its flexibility it can be used in a multitude of small to medium fan installations.

Especially advantageous in applications where the system may be running for long periods throughout the day, the acoustic benefits of the SILENT MV ECOWATT fans ensure that optimum comfort is achieved without the disturbance of noisy ventilation systems.

Innovative Engineering

The SILENT MV has been designed with state of the art technology to achieve results to satisfy the most demanding specifier. The low profile and compact design of the helicocentrifugal fans enable them to be installed where space is restricted, such as false ceilings.

Unique Design

The unique perforated design of the casing directs sound waves into the high density sound absorbent material to prevent air leakage and minimise noise.

Rotating Connection Box

The connection box can be rotated 360° to enable the power cable to be easily connected.

Rubber Seals

Bi-material inlet and outlet incorporating a rubber seal to facilitate installation and absorb vibrations.

How does it work?

Sound waves produced inside the SILENT MV are directed through the perforated inner cover and absorbed by the layer of sound absorbent material.

Ease of Maintenance

The central body of the SILENT MV can be easily dismantled from the connections to enable rapid maintenance, without the need to interfere with the ducting.

Support Bracket

Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting, fixing brackets to the motor body are included.

Product Specification

Dimensions 250/100 | 350/125 | 500/150 | 800/200 | 1000/200

Dimensions 1300/250 | 2000/315

Technical Data

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