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Are you carrying out home renovation projects this summer? Doing work to your bathroom or kitchen? Or trying to find ways to make your home more energy efficient?

We’ve created this useful resource hub, full of quick top tips and blogs, to help tackle your home projects.

When Should a Bathroom Extractor Fan be Replaced?

The amount of moisture released into the air when you are bathing is surprising. Without a good extractor fan, even...

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Do I Need a Bathroom Extractor Fan?

Bathrooms create more steam and water vapour than any other room in your home, and without proper ventilation, this can...

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Are you having problems with a noisy Extractor Fan?

Extractor fans are one of the most important parts of any home ventilation system. Wall mounted in rooms with high moisture...

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14 Ways to Help Reduce Condensation in your Home

Not all projects in the home are room specific, some can be a whole house issue! If you've spotted condensation, damp or mould in your home, look no futher, because we've pulled together some easy top tips to reduce condensation problems. 

Did you know, 1 in 5 homes in Britain suffers from the effects of condensation?

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Kitchen Extractor Fans

There are things that we can do to reduce the amount of moisture that is created when cooking: If you are...

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Why cooking can lead to a build-up of condensation and what can be done

Kitchens are one of the biggest sources of condensation in the home, with multiple different...

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Top tips for Home Renovation

When it comes to our homes, we all have preferences; from the wall colour to whether to carpet or use laminate. However, there are certain aspects that no matter what the preference an estate agent can add a price tag on which will add value to your home...

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Mechanical Ventilation Systems with Heat Recovery (MVHR) can help reduce energy usage

The recent rises in gas and electricity bills coupled with increasing awareness about our impact on the...

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Are Low Energy Use Fans as effective in your bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the main sources of humidity in your home, and as such, it is important to have effective...

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Energy Price Rises and How Heating and Ventilating the Home Impacts Health

Energy prices have risen sharply over the past 12 months, which has meant some households simply cannot...

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