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EnviroVent's Launches heatSava

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EnviroVent's Launches The heatSava Heat Recovery Unit

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Oct 03, 2012

A new way to eliminate condensation and mould within your housing stock whilst helping your residents save energy. We are proud to launch the most radical breakthrough in Single Room Heat Recovery Technology for decades - the heatSava.

Designed for those who are in search of new and innovative ways to save energy and money, the heatSava is a fantastic energy efficient alternative to traditional extract ventilation. It’s ideal for bathroom, WC, kitchen and utility room installations and it’s also perfect for retrofitting! What’s more, because the heatSava is part of EnviroVent’s award winning Lifetime Range®, it means the unit is engineered with sustainable components and comes with a five-year renewable warranty.

How does the heatSava work?

The heatSava continuously extracts stale air from the wet room areas of the home. The extracted air passes over a high efficiency tubular heat exchange cell, which has been cleverly designed to allow the air to cyclone around the barrel, retaining the heat from the extracted air before it reaches the atmosphere. At the same time, fresh air from outside is supplied through the tubes where it collects up to 75% of the heat from the extracted air before it is returned back into the room.

The unit improves indoor air quality, controlling condensation and mould problems in the most energy efficient way whilst helping your customers save money on their energy bills.

Watch our video about the heatSava here:

The heatSava is bursting with innovation!

The heatSava is a clever little unit which also incorporates a frost protection function, protecting the cell in winter months. Similarly, the unit has a summer mode which prevents warm air being supplied into the home on warm days. What’s more, the unit can be easily maintained, meaning there’s no hassle for the resident when it comes to cleaning the heatSava.

Worried you don’t have sufficient space for a heatSava?

Fortunately, the single room heat recovery unit fits neatly into almost any wall depth. The heat cell comes in four different lengths to suit wall depths of 310mm, 430mm, 500mm and 600mm. What’s more, it can be fitted into four different positions through 360 degrees, horizontally or vertically – good news for installers on jobs where space is limited.