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energiSava® 500

Ultra Efficient Whole House Heat Recovery System

Ideal for large sized dwellings, the energiSava® 500 combines exceptional performance and the lowest energy consumption. Highly effective at reducing indoor pollutants and improving indoor air quality, the unit runs continuously to provide optimum ventilation all year round.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient

    Delivering up to 90% thermal efficiency.

  • Frost Protection
    Frost Protection

    An intelligent frost protection system prevents the heat exchange from freezing when cold outside.

  • Mechanical Summer By-Pass
    Mechanical Summer By-Pass

    Benefiting from a temperature controlled integral mechanical summer by-pass as standard.

  • 2 Year Warranty
    2 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.


Exceptional Performance

Independently tested by the BRE and recognized in the UK Product Characteristics Database in SAP Appendix Q, the energiSava® 500 is suitable for properties with kitchen plus 7 additional wet rooms, delivering maximum airflow of 144l/s at 100Pa with a low Specific Fan Power down to 0.43 W/l/s and high thermal efficiency of up to 90%.

Ease of installation

With a lightweight design for easy handling, the energiSava® 500 offers innovative features for hassle-free installation. With a quick fit mounting bracket and easy spigots connecting directly to 150mm ducting with low resistance port adaptors, the unit incorporates independent fan adjustment for straightforward commissioning.

Intelligent Controls

The energiSava® 500 comes with an LED status indicator displaying what mode the unit is operating in, including a filter and fault indicator. The Boost Alert function on the display is a timer designed to prevent the unit from being accidentally left in Boost mode for long periods of time. Once the unit is placed in Boost the timer is activated and after 2 hours the LED on the display will start to flash, notifying the user to switch off the Boost.

Summer Bypass

The energiSava® 500 incorporates a fully automatic 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass to operate during hot periods. This routes the pre-heated extracted air around the heat cell and out to atmosphere, allowing the cooler, fresh air to be supplied directly into the property. A Summer Kickup Mode is also available which allows both the supply and extract fans to operate at full speed whenever the Summer Bypass is activated. During cold weather, the automatic Frost Protection reduces the supply ventilation rate to prevent ice build-up within the heat cell.

Integral Humidity Sensor

The unit runs continuously 24 hours a day and incorporates an integral humidity sensor which monitors the relative humidity (RH) of the extracted air and triggers Boost speed when it rises over the set trigger point, variable from 55% RH to 85% RH.

Product Codes
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energiSava 500
Standard (Left Handed Version)
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Question & Answers

How does MVHR work?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery works to ventilate the whole property by extracting air from wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, utility’s etc.), this extraction is passed through a central unit to recover as much heat from the air as possible before pushing moisture outside. At the same time fresh air is pulled from outside passed through the central unit to warm up incoming air and filtering it before supplying air to habitable rooms (bedrooms, Livingroom’s, dining rooms etc). These two air flows do not physically mix.

Does ducting require to be insulated?

Any ducting passing through a unheated area will require to be insulated. Ducting connecting the unit to/from atmosphere will require insulating.

How often does a MVHR need servicing?

Any MVHR unit will need the filters checking at least every 6 months. It may be at 12-18 months they will need replacing. This time scale will depend largely on the environment and speed of the unit. Ideally at a 5-year period the system should be checked to confirm operation is to standard.

MVHR is noisy, running fast:

This can be dependent on what MVHR unit you have. To ensure minimal noise units must be installed as per the design using proprietary components. Systems must also be commissioned and set up correctly to ensure performance. Some units may have humidity sensors that automatically increase air flow speed to control humidity levels, therefore at times of high humidity the system will be working harder. Some units may also automatically increase in speed as filters become clogged up.

Can I turn the unit off?

It is not recommended to turn the unit off, other than for maintenance. Turning the unit off can damage the unit and invalidate its warranty. Also, by turning the unit off and stopping air movement in a property can lead to other issues, condensation, mould, smells, etc...
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