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Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR)

A Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation unit can make your home more energy efficient when installed correctly, extracting moisture caused by condensation which can be especially prevalent in wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. 

Heat recovery is a method which is increasingly used to reduce the heating and cooling demands of buildings. Heat recovery systems typically recover about 60–95% of the heat in exhaust air and have significantly improved the energy efficiency of buildings.

What is a heat recovery unit?

A Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) is a system that works to extract excess moisture in the air yet also recovers the heat, meaning that it provides your home with ventilated air but doesn't take out any necessary warmth. 

All of our Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation products are manufactured here in the UK and offer a wide range of innovative benefits in addition to exceptional performance and low maintenance. 

Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR)

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