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We Make Ventilation Design Easy - Using Our Design Service

EnviroVent’s projects team takes the hassle and complication out of ventilation system design by providing a dedicated and bespoke design service enabling us to easily convert your requirements into a quote quickly and hassle free.

We have a dedicated in-house team of professionally trained CAD designers who work closely with our technical team to ensure the right product is specified and that airflow rates are met and building regulations are adhered to. They can support you with your ventilation project and have extensive experience in new build and refurbishment projects for both residential and commercial applications.

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Rendered Image Of Heat Recovery System Installed In Property

How Our Design & Quote Service Works

Using bespoke BIM Compliant Revit design software, our Design Team will provide detailed and technical drawings to fully comply with Government Regulations.

  • These show system locations, duct runs, ancillaries and quantities required.
  • Supporting information includes technical data, a detailed proposal summary, details of assumptions and exclusions and a sample of the mechanical ventilation system design is included.

Plans can be sent and received either electronically or by post.

We convert your requirements into a quote quickly and hassle free.

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Submitting Your Plans

We can accept plans in almost any format and when complete all plans will provide:

  • Clearly marked ducting
  • Size of ductwork
  • Airflow rates
  • Design available in CAD and PDF format

Send your plans to us for a free estimate and receive a detailed list of suitable ventilation systems including a list of the materials required.

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Free CAD Design Service

The Importance of Good Ventilation Design

A ventilation system is one of the first products to go into a property and one of the last things to come out if something goes wrong, which is why it is important to have a professionally designed ventilation plan to ensure that the system is fit for purpose.

Rates of ventilation in buildings can be expressed in terms of air change rates (the number of times that the volume of air in a space is changed per hour) or litres per second. The ventilation rate will be determined by the type and size of space and the way it is occupied (for example, the number of occupants, sources of heat, moisture, odour, contaminants, and so on). Ventilation in buildings is regulated by Part F of the Building Regulations.

MVHR System In Property

The Right Know-How

Whilst there are simple 'rules of thumb' that can be used to design straight-forward ventilation systems, more complex systems may require analysis using environmental design software. Modelling air flow patterns is particularly complex requiring the use of computational fluid dynamics software.

If you are going to invest in a ventilation system for your property you want to know that it is going to do what it is supposed to do, so getting the ventilation design carried out by a specialist company is a worthwhile move even if you decide to fit the ventilation system yourself or use your own preferred company for the installation of the system.

Close Up Of Ventilation Ducting For MVHR System