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With over 60 local branches across the country, you’re never far from one of our ventilation specialists who can offer expert advice regarding your damp and mould problems and ensure that the correct ventilation product for your property is installed.

Ventilation is usually the first thing to go into a new property and the last thing to come out if it is installed incorrectly, this is also partly true with renovation projects. Although the install doesn’t usually require extensive ducting to go behind internal walls there is still a level of detail involved with the install to ensure adequate ventilation within the home, especially if there is an underlying damp problem or mould has started to take hold of the property.

No matter where you are located, whether in London, Scotland, Wales, or the rest of England you can be certain that our ventilation specialists will always offer the highest level of customer service and ensure a detailed survey of your property is carried out. If you’re not sure what you need, our ventilation experts are on hand to discuss your problems and offer advice.

Search for your nearest branch below or call us on 0345 27 27 807 to speak to our customer care team directly.

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EnviroVent have local ventilation specialists across the UK.  Find an expert close to you, or request a survey today.

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Need help with condensation, mould or damp problems?

One of our local experts will contact you to learn more about your problems, offer free expert advice and make recommendations for a permanent solution.

During the free survey we will:

  • Assess any condensation, damp or mould problems in your property
  • Take readings of the relative humidity levels
  • Identify any underlying problems and make recommendations for a permanent solution

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