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North London is made up of multiple boroughs and has a massive variety of different housing types.  From larger Victorian and Edwardian properties closer to the city centre through to apartments and converted homes as well as mews housing.  Each of these different types of home has its own challenges when it comes to ventilation.

There are two main areas of concern for residents of North London

Condensation leading to damp and mould

Older properties in the city often have limited insulation compared to more modern homes, and with high density housing, this can result in cold areas developing on exterior walls.  When water vapour from activities including cooking, bathing, and cleaning meets these colder outer walls, it condenses.

If the condensation is allowed to soak into the plasterwork, it can result in damp patches being created, and these will quickly develop into mould which can be harmful to health.

Air quality and pollution

For residents of any large city, a key consideration is air quality, and while levels of pollution in North London have been falling for many years, the amount of particulate matter in the air outside is still much higher than the national average.

As a result of low air quality in North London, particularly during the daytime, residents may avoid opening windows to allow air to circulate which can lead to a build-up of allergens indoors.

Improving indoor air quality in North London

Poor quality air in your home, whether because of mould spores or pollution from outside can negatively affect your health.

The most effective way for residents of North London to deal with condensation and air quality problems is to improve the ventilation in their homes.  Fitting efficient extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens will help to reduce the amount of water vapour in the air and stop condensation from leading to mould in the future.

Modern whole house Positive Input Ventilation Systems (PIV) can be retrofitted into most properties to improve airflow.  These systems feature a central unit which draws air into the property at roof level – above the height where particulate pollution is concentrated.

PIV systems incorporate air filters into their design to remove particles including pollen from the air as it is drawn in, and this then replaces the stale air in your home, which reduces humidity and improves air quality.

Local Ventilation Experts in North London

EnviroVent ventilation specialists across North London who can help you with advice and support when it comes to stopping condensation and improving indoor air quality.

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