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Ventilation Specialists in Northamptonshire

EnviroVent have helped thousands of households in Northamptonshire improve their ventilation and stop condensation from bathrooms and kitchens leading to problems with damp and mould that can be harmful to health. 

Our range of extractor fans and home ventilation systems are highly effective and energy efficient which means that they can improve your indoor air quality without putting an additional burden on your electricity bills.

Our local ventilation specialists cover the whole of Northamptonshire and can visit your home to perform a free survey that will identify the causes of condensation in your property and provide you with advice about the best way to deal with it before it causes damage to the fabric of your house.

Radon Problems in Northamptonshire

As a result of the local geography of Northamptonshire, radon levels throughout the county are well above average for the UK, and as such, many homes need to monitor the concentration of radon in the air.  In areas around Kettering and Corby where the levels of radon are at their highest, there is heightened risk of health problems including some cancers.

Ensuring that your home is well ventilated throughout the year helps to stop radon levels from building up to the point where they are dangerous.  Positive Input Ventilation such as EnviroVent’s Atmos PIV system are highly effective at reducing radon levels. 

They draw fresh filtered air into the system at roof level – above where radon is most concentrated, and then disperse this fresh air throughout the building to displace the radon which seeps up through the floor.  This improves the air quality in the home  and will also prevent condensation from forming.

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You can book a free home condensation inspection from one of our local ventilation experts in Northamptonshire, contact us today, and if you live in a high-radon location, they can advise you on the best course of action to take. They can also offer you a variety of ventilation options to stop condensation from turning into issues like dampness and mould.

Simply enter your postcode below or speak to us today and book your FREE home survey from one of our experts based in your area.

Our ventilation and condensation specialists in Northamptonshire can help you solve your condensation, mould, and radon problems for good!

Need help with condensation, mould or damp problems?

One of our local experts will contact you to learn more about your problems, offer free expert advice and make recommendations for a permanent solution.

During the free survey we will

  • check Assess any condensation, damp or mould problems in your property
  • check Take readings of the relative humidity levels
  • check Identify any underlying problems and make recommendations for a permanent solution

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“Would highly recommend this product. No more damp issues.”

Shirley Duthie

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“The system has worked very well and all traces of mould have disappeared and as we have had a very wet winter I am really impressed.”

Elaine Sarchet

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“Excellent service, condensation has totally gone.”

Chris Williams