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EnviroVent's MVHR Systems Receive Passive House Certification

EnviroVent's MVHR Systems Receive Passive House Certification

By EnviroVent Jan 10, 2019

Four mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) units from EnviroVent, one of the UK’s leading ventilation manufacturers, have been approved by the Passive House Institute, for use in Passive House developments.

EnviroVent’s energiSava® 300 and 400 and Slimline 150 and 300 units have been awarded a PHI Component Certificate, after each one passed rigorous quality and energy performance tests set by the Passive House Institute.

The energiSava® models are high efficiency whole house heat recovery systems with maximum airflow capacities of 300 and 400 m3/h. The units are ideal for use within the home to provide a constant supply of clean air and reduce humidity levels, therefore preventing condensation and associated issues.

The Slimline 150 and 300 are high efficiency, compact mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) units with maximum airflow rates of 150 and 300 m3/h. With their low profile, compacted design, the systems are perfect for ceiling mounted applications and installation in smaller dwellings where space is restricted.

Rebecca McLean, Marketing & Product Director at EnviroVent, said: “Increasing numbers of self-builders are aiming to build to Passive House standards and this includes seeking ventilation solutions that meet PHI Certification. We are really pleased that a number of our units meet this standard, which demonstrates their energy efficiency and suitability for Passive House projects.”

The energiSava® and Slimline heat recovery systems work by extracting moisture laden air and re-supplying clean, fresh air into a property. The low energy consumption system creates an all-year-round, healthy indoor environment, which has been proven to help homeowners who suffer from asthma, hay fever and bronchial-related conditions.

Each unit features a summer bypass facility, which contributes to an improved comfort level during the season. This is controlled automatically by measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures.

The units also include innovative ‘constant flow’ technology which ensures that the commissioned airflow rate is always delivered. They also offer exceptionally low noise levels and are fully compliant with the ErP (Energy Related Products) Directive.

The energiSava® 300 and 400 units are easily operated via a simple 4-way switch, with filter indication, or a wireless remote control. Alternatively, the units can be set to work automatically using an intelligent control module with a timer, or a relative humidity sensor.

The Slimline 150 and 300 systems include a control module that can be used to adjust the basic settings and air flow rates. The built-in timer function can be used to set the ventilation rate per day, week or weekend. In addition, specifiers can opt for one or more 4-way switches, wireless RF controls or a humidity sensor.

EnviroVent, which has its headquarters in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, has over 30 years’ experience in delivering sustainable products to improve indoor air quality and reduce condensation and mould.

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