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Reasons to invest in a Smart Ventilation system

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Reasons to invest in a Smart Ventilation system

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

May 16, 2022

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day lives, including in our homes. Smart technologies are giving homeowners control over systems such as heating, lighting and ventilation, providing full visibility over how they function. Accessed via smartphones, many of these systems give users control at their fingertips. 

It is widely understood that a whole house mechanical ventilation system can rid a home of airborne pollutants and provide a much better level of indoor air quality, but did you know they are also available with greater controllability? The ‘myenvirovent’ app from EnviroVent is available with the ATMOS® range of PIV units and the energiSava 200 and 250 from EnviroVent’s MVHR range.


What is a Smart Ventilation app?

A smart ventilation app gives residents much greater visibility and control over their ventilation system and is available via a smartphone application on iOS and Android devices. The cleverly-designed ‘myenvirovent’ app offers the user a number of benefits, including:

  • Notifications when filter changes are due
  • Intelligent commissioning, allowing for speedy set-up time
  • Enabling users to access settings on the ventilation unit from anywhere in the home
  • Instant access to unit status updates
  • Access to user guides and technical documents
  • Adjusting boost functionality, airflow and heater functions
  • Control over ‘summer mode’ settings

Modern mechanical ventilation systems can be fitted with intelligent technology that tracks humidity, ensuring healthy indoor air quality, all year round. The intelligent automatic controls on the unit constantly monitor moisture levels, allowing the system to sense any rise in humidity and increase the unit’s airflow accordingly. This helps to reduce the humidity levels in the home, and once levels stabilise, the airflow rate decreases again, therefore saving energy. With access via the app, users can be assured that their ventilation system is working optimally.


Benefits of a smart ventilation system

Utilising a smart ventilation system can have a positive impact on occupants’ health and the health of their home.

1 in 5 homes in the UK are affected by condensation. As the air in the home cools, the moisture becomes visible in the form of liquid droplets, most commonly found on walls and windows.  If not addressed, condensation leads to mould growth which exacerbates asthma and other respiratory conditions, as well as creating unsightly damage in a property.

With its humidity control abilities, an effective ventilation system will prevent condensation by monitoring moisture levels in the air and adjusting its airflow to mitigate any saturated, stagnant air, creating a healthy, fresh living environment.

A smart ventilation system can also help address conditions that cannot be overcome with natural ventilation, such as hay fever, by filtering larger particles like pollen. With the aid of a smartphone app, users can instantly monitor the airflow of their ventilation system in response to the seasonal increase or decrease in pollen.


Improving sustainability and energy efficiency

Many homeowners are unaware of the impact of household products on the quality of the air we breathe.  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are invisible gases that can be emitted by domestic goods such as air fresheners, candles or cleaning products. Use of these products, without adequate ventilation, can pollute the air and have a negative impact on our health.  Introducing a mechanical ventilation system can ensure a home has good indoor air quality, regardless of the invisible gases being released.


Reduced CO

A properly-maintained automated ventilation system will help reduce Carbon Dioxide levels in the home, by bringing in fresh, oxygenated outdoor air. This will naturally dilute the CO₂, making it less concentrated and keeping the home at a safe level. The ‘myenvirovent’ app provides information about the air quality in a home, including CO2 levels, at any time.

As new legislation and Building Regulations require homes to be increasingly airtight and energy costs spiral, smart ventilation systems are becoming an increasingly essential element of modern living. 


Need help choosing the right ventilation system for your project? EnviroVent has a wide selection of innovate ventilation systems, suited to all requirements. Our experienced ventilation experts will guide you to the perfect system for your needs – contact us today.