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Can I Sell a Property With Damp

Can I Sell a Property With Damp

If you are in the process of selling your home and find damp, you may be worried about the impact that it will have on the value of the property and whether it can even be sold.  The mention of damp on a survey report for a house can have a significant impact on the willingness of a potential buyer to go through with the purchase, but not all types of damp are the same.

The different kinds of damp

There are three different types of damp that can affect a home, and while they have similar results in terms of creating an environment where mould can grow and damaging the fabric of the building, their impact on a potential sale differs.

Rising damp is often seen as the most severe type of damp that can affect a property.  Rising damp is caused when water is drawn up into the walls from the ground by capillary action.  It can happen if the damp proof course at the bottom of the walls is damaged or if the ground around the house has been raised up above the level of the protective membrane.

Penetrating damp is caused by water leaking into a property through the envelope of the building.  Sources of penetrating damp include damaged roofs, cracks in external walls and gaps around windows or doors.  Penetrating damp can also be caused by leaking pipes indoors.

Condensation damp is caused by water vapour generated inside the house.  Activities such as bathing, cooking, and cleaning all release steam into the air creating higher humidity.  When moisture laden air contacts a cold surface, the water is released and forms droplets that can soak through into the underlying material. 

What is the impact of damp on a property sale

If damp is discovered during the process of selling a house, it can have a significant impact on the value that is placed on the property, and even whether a person wants to buy it in the first place.

According to a survey by The Nest, the presence of damp or mould in a property can reduce the value by up to 53% due to a combination of factors:

If the prospective buyer thinks that the cost of carrying out repairs to the house to resolve the damp problems will be high, they will want to get the price reduced by an appropriate amount to cover the costs and inconvenience.  Some lenders will also place caveats on any mortgage against the property that affects the value of the loan.

Repairing damp prior to a sale

If you are considering selling your property, resolving any potential problems before putting it on the market will help you maximise the value.  Depending on the type of damp you find, the cost to resolve the issue may be much lower than the impact it will have on the value of your home. 

Damp specialists can identify the cause of the damp problem and recommend the correct action to take.  In the case of rising damp, this may involve fitting a damp proof membrane in exterior walls and repairing any plasterwork, while with penetrating damp, it will involve fixing the breach in your walls.

If the source of damp in your home is condensation, then improving the ventilation in your property to reduce humidity is highly effective.  Ensuring that suitable extractor fans are fitted in your bathroom and kitchen or installing a whole house ventilation system will stop condensation problems permanently.

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If you have discovered damp or mould patches on your walls caused by condensation, it is possible to solve the problem permanently and protect the value of your home.  Book a free home survey from one of our local ventilation specialists.  They will visit your home to identify the source of condensation and provide advice about the best solution.  Enter your postcode below to find a specialist near you.

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