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Silent 100

Ultra Quiet WC & Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Silent 100 is a 100mm domestic axial powerful bathroom extractor fan for wall or ceiling installations, designed to solve ventilation problems in WC’s and bathrooms.

The Silent 100 fan features an adjustable run-on timer. In automatic mode, the over-run timer calculates the amount of time to operate, depending on how long the fan has been running for.

Fitted with motors mounted on silent elastic blocks, the Silent 100 extractor fan delivers incredibly quiet running and exceptional performance with stylish features.

Key Features

  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet Operation
  • Backdraught Shutter
    Backdraught Shutter
  • 7 Year Warranty
    7 Year Warranty

    Fans covered by the increased warranty are the 'S', 'T' and 'HT' models.

  • Adjustable Run-On Timer
    Adjustable Run-On Timer
  • 5 Year Warranty
    5 Year Warranty

Numerous Quality Features

Fitted with pilot light, backdraught shutter and airflow guide vanes as standard to improve pressure development and performance, the Silent 100 extractor fan is also available with numerous quality features including optional timer, humidity sensor, SELV and PIR models.

The extractor fan also comes in either white or silver. 

Intelligent Timer

In automatic mode, the over-run timer calculates the amount of time to operate, depending on how long the fan has been running for. (Alternatively it can be manually set to 5, 20 or 30 minutes run-on time).

Adjustable Timer

After disconnection, the shut off time can be delayed between 1 and 30 minutes.

Adjustable Humidity Sensor

The level of humidity for the bathroom can be chosen from between 60% and 90% Relative Humidity (RH). The extractor fan will continue to work long enough to reach the selected level.


Automatically starts up when the fan detects movement at a maximum of 4 metres.

Back Draft Shutter

To prevent air entry and limit heat leakage when the extractor is not operating. It opens due to the pressure of the air.

Product Codes
Product Code
Product Name
Product Description
Silent 100
Silent 100
Adjustable Timer
Silent 100
Intelligent Timer
Silent 100
Adjustable Humidity Sensor
Silent 100
Silent 100
Silver, Standard
Silent 100
Silver, Adjustable Timer
Silent 100
Standard, SELV
Silent 100
Adjustable Timer, SELV
Silent 100
Pull-cord, SELV
Silent 100
Adjustable Timer, Pull-cord, SELV
Silent 100
Adjustable Humidity Sensor, Adjustable Timer, Pull-cord, SELV
Product Specification

Performance Curve

Question & Answers

Should I remove the tape on the inside of the Silent HT fan?

No, this is Hydroscopic tape, it is to protect the sensor from moisture, but will allow vapour through. Removing this may damage the sensor and invalidate the warranty.

Can I fit a 230V fan in zones 1 or 2 of a bathroom?

Yes, as long as the circuit is protected by a 30mA RCD

Why is my Silent extractor fan running continuously?

This may be due to incorrect wiring, please have a qualified electrician check this with the install guide and speak to the EnviroVent technical department if required. It may also be due to an incorrectly set humidity sensor (model dependant). If a humidity sensor version is fitted the sensitivity can be adjusted on the extractor fan. Adjusting clock wise will make the sensor less sensitive, anticlockwise will make the sensor more sensitive to humidity.

Why won't my Silent fan run?

If an extractor fan will not operate, a qualified electrician will need to check the wiring, ensuring the fan is wired correctly and receiving power.

How do I get the front cover off my Silent fan?

Always isolate power first. The cover can be removed by firstly pushing the small reseeded retaining point on one of the edges of the extractor fan, then slowly unclipping the rest of the cover with a small flat screw driver.

What wiring does the Silent T and HT require?

The extractor fan requires a permanent live and neutral and a switch live (to trigger the fan)

Does the Silent 100 extractor fan come in Silver?

Yes, the Silent 100 extractor fan is available in either white or silver.
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