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SAP PCDB Listed Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

The ECO dMEV+ has been designed and developed to offer the market a constant volume, continuously running decentralised extract fan to achieve the lowest power consumption, the lowest noise and the lowest life-cycle costs. 

The low energy fan is supplied in a 230V format with 6 adjustable trickle speed settings from 4l/s to a maximum speed of 18/ls. The fan shall also come supplied with four interchangeable front panel trims.

Key Features

  • Building Regulation Compliant
    Building Regulation Compliant
  • Constant Volume To Achieve SAP 10 Compliance
    Constant Volume To Achieve SAP 10 Compliance
  • 'Sensorless’ Constant Volume Technology
    'Sensorless’ Constant Volume Technology
  • One Fan Suitable For All Wet Rooms
    One Fan Suitable For All Wet Rooms
  • SAP 10 PCDB Listed
    SAP 10 PCDB Listed
  • Incredibly Quiet Running Below 20 dB(A)
    Incredibly Quiet Running Below 20 dB(A)
  • Auto Adjusts To Perform At The Desired Airflow Rates
    Auto Adjusts To Perform At The Desired Airflow Rates

SAP 10 & Building Regulation Compliant

SAP PCDB Listed achieving a low Specific Fan Power of 0.23 W/l/s and complies with local building regulations.

One Fan For All Situations

Building on the principles of the hugely successful and award-winning EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan the ECO dMEV+ is ideal for all domestic applications, WCs, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. It is a 100mm constant volume, continuously running extract fan, which can be fitted in wall or ceiling.

ECO friendly & Ultra Quiet

Fitted with a DC motor mounted on silent elastic blocks, the fan delivers incredibly silent running below 20 dB(A) with exceptional performance and stylish features. Fully complying with Building Regulations and SAP PCDB Listed, the ECO dMEV+ ensures a significant contribution to maximising the reward in SAP for ventilation.

Easy Commissioning

The fan is easily commissioned at installation to be set at one of variable trickle speed settings ranging from 4l/s to a maximum speed of 18/ls, to exactly meet the airflow requirements for specific applications and ensure the lowest energy consumption down to 1 Watt.

‘Sensorless’ Technology

The EnviroVent ECO dMEV+ incorporates a unique “sensorless” constant volume technology. Using intelligent microprocessor controls and software, the in-duct centrifugal fan works in direct correlation with any resistance in the ductwork. When it senses any resistance it automatically adjusts itself to ensure that the commissioned airflow is delivered and maintained. This means the fan is also self-commissioning - all the installer needs to do is set the unit to the required airflow, screw it to the wall and connect it up! It will commission itself automatically and perform over and above building regulations.

Stylish Design

Designed with style in mind, the ECO dMEV+ adds a touch of elegance to the modern bathroom or kitchen without compromising on performance or quality. The fan is supplied with smart interchangeable front panel trims in four colours.

Lowest Life-Cycle Costs

The ECO dMEV+ has been designed for ease of maintenance, achieving the lowest life-cycle costs. The motor compartment can be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced.

Low Voltage Bathroom Fan

For extra safety, the ECO dMEV+ is also available in a low voltage 17V version. In addition to the standard ECO dMEV+ 17V, which can be boosted by an external switch, there are two other models available the ECO dMEV+ 17V timer option and humidity sensor option with timer.

Bi-material Injection Moulding

The result of bi-material injection moulding is a high quality moulded plastic with a permanently attached rubber seal to safely house away all electrical components from any contaminants or humidity.

Powerful Centrifugal Performance

Meticulous research and development has gone into the design of the ECO dMEV+ to be able to incorporate a high powered, forward curved, “sensorless” constant volume centrifugal fan into the smallest of spaces. Most small dMEV’s this size use an axial impeller. Axial fans can perform well if they encounter no resistance, however by adding any amount of pressure, they can struggle to perform and become noisy.

As the inlet of the ECO dMEV+ is oval and not round like other fans, this creates space for the dual inlet centrifugal motor 2 assembly, meaning we can fit a centrifugal fan inside a tiny footprint. This has never been achieved before in a dMEV making it the first fan of its size in the world to incorporate centrifugal technology. Following significant investment in the latest injection moulding machinery and tooling, EnviroVent are one of the only ventilation companies to be able to mould plastic and rubber in the same process.

Product Codes
Product Code
Product Name
Product Description
Standard model
Adjustable timer model
Adjustable timer & humidity sensor model
Adjustable timer, humidity sensor & pullcord model
Replacement filter
Replacement filter (HTP version only)
Standard wall kit
Fixed Louve Grill
Product Specification

Product Dimensions

Performance Curve

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