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Whole House Ventilation System

ATMOS® gently ventilates the home from a central position on a landing from within your loft. It is a sophisticated whole home ventilation and condensation control unit which transforms a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation-free environment.

By drawing in fresh, filtered and clean air from outside, ATMOS® dilutes, displaces and replaces moisture-laden air to control humidity levels so that condensation, mould and other indoor contaminants are significantly reduced.

Every home is different. That is why we strongly recommend arranging a free home survey to ensure that the correct ventilation system is installed in your home.

Key Features

  • Eliminates Condensation
    Eliminates Condensation

    No more wet walls or moisture on the inside of your windows.

  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet Operation

    Designed to perform with low noise levels.

  • Reduce Radon Levels
    Reduce Radon Levels

    Perfect for radon levels under 500 Bq m-3

  • Made In The UK
    Made In The UK

    Supporting our local economy, lowering the carbon footprint.

  • Prevents Mould
    Prevents Mould

    Ensures relative humidity remains constant, preventing mould growth.

  • Benefits Asthma Sufferer
    Benefits Asthma Sufferer

    Improves air quality and reduces asthma triggers.

  • Low Running Costs
    Low Running Costs

    An ultra-low watt motor ensures minimum energy consumption.

  • 10 Year Warranty
    10 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.


See How ATMOS® Works:

ATMOS® is the simple yet effective system that replaces contaminated air in your home with fresh, clean air.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our professional installers position ATMOS® in your loft space.
  • A neat hole is cut in the ceiling of your landing and the discreet air vent is placed into position.
  • ATMOS® draws clean air from the loft and filters it before pushing it down into the home.
  • As the fresh, clean air gently circulates the contaminated air around your home, reducing the pollutants and irritants that can cause illness and allergies.
  • Humidity levels are also balanced to eliminate condensation and mould.

Once ATMOS® has been installed, you can simply forget it’s there and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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ATMOS® Puts You In Control:

The myenvirovent app gives you complete control of your whole house ventilation system at the touch of a button. Available on both Android and Apple devices.
  • Greater control of ventilation requirements in the home.
  • Flexibility to amend ventilation settings.
  • Boost ventilation rates from anywhere in the home.
  • Multiple user access.
  • Filter change notifications.
  • Instant access to current unit status.
  • Secure connection through a router.
  • Reduce installation time by commissioning from a mobile.

App capability is only available with model ATL-A unless specified. 

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Product Codes
Product Code
Product Name
ATMOS® Air Standard
ATMOS® Air Wireless
ATMOS® Air App
ATMOS® Air In-Line
Product Specification

Product Dimensions

Performance Curve (Active)

Performance Curve (Not Active)

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Question & Answers

I have a loft unit installed, why is my hallway a different temperature to the rest of the house?

The unit is designed to ventilate from a central location. The air entering the property will always be cooler than the rest of the dwelling, however as this mix’s with wasted heat at ceiling level and recirculates around the dwelling this can save energy while ensuring good indoor air quality. Keeping all internal doors closed will ensure you get the full benefits from the system. Cold drafts can be felt if the air is blowing directly on to a wall or into a habitable room.

How do I adjust loft PIV settings?

The units are designed to be set up according to the requirements and environment, however settings can be altered if required, depending on the system installed. Refer to the manual for individual units.

How does my anti-condensation heater enable switch work?

When enabled, this will enable the automatic function of the comfort heater. The Heater will only be activated when the temperature is below 10°C in the loft unit.

How much does the unit cost to run?

The units use very little energy, in normal running the unit will use less than 15 watts of energy. With the heater enabled and temperature below 10°C then these running costs will increase. The energy consumption will increase; however it is estimated the heater will only be on 10% of the time as the comfort heater pulses to maintain a temperature of 10°C. when mixed with the internal air at ceiling level and distributed around a dwelling, this should help reduce energy costs within the dwelling.
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