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Sabik 500

High Efficiency Whole House Heat Recovery System

The Sabik 500 is a heat recovery system designed to provide balanced and sustainable ventilation whilst incorporating modular features and user friendly controllability, resulting in a high efficiency and market leading ventilation system.

The Sabik 500 products are certified by the Passivhaus Institute and manufactured with the latest energy-saving technology.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient

    Delivering up to 91% thermal efficiency.

  • 2 Year Warranty
    2 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.

  • Passivhaus Certified
    Passivhaus Certified

    The Passivhaus concept is the only internationally recognised, performance-based energy standard in construction

  • Frost Protection
    Frost Protection

    An intelligent frost protection system prevents the heat exchange from freezing when cold outside.

  • Minimal Noise Levels
    Minimal Noise Levels

    Reduced air leakage and high thermal insulation result in minimal sound levels

  • User Friendly
    User Friendly

    With modular unit controllability, as standard the units come with integrated relative humidity sensor, remote (wired) control and frost protection


How Does It Work?

The Sabik 500 has been designed to provide balanced and sustainable ventilation whilst incorporating modular features and user friendly controllability resulting in a high efficiency, market leading ventilation system.

The residential unit has significant airflow capacity of up to 601m3hr* and are suitable for handing airflow directions and drain on site to give ultimate flexibility when it comes to ducting configurations.

*In free air


The Sabik 500 system is modular, and incorporates key features as standard such as an integrated relative humidity sensor, touchscreen controller and frost protection. Optional features include a pre-heater, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sensor, wall spacer bracket for tight installations, and constant flow module which gives ultimate versatility and reinforces the units as an all-round ventilation solution. These optional features are able to be easily installed via the control panel on the units - see the installation guide for further information.

Passivhaus Certified

The Sabik 500 unit is Passivhaus certified providing that the modular preheater and enhanced ePM1 70% filter are installed. The Passivhaus concept is the only internationally recognised, performance-based energy standard in construction.

Summer Bypass & Frost Protection

The Sabik 500 unit comes with a mechanical summer bypass as standard. The bypass contributes to an improved comfort level in summer and can be controlled manually or automatically. Standard frost protection is offered through airflow control, an optional preheater for intelligent frost protection can also be utilised if required, or for Passivhaus compliance.

Constant Flow Control

An optional extra and part of the range of modular features. This constant flow, also known as ‘constant volume’ ensures that the unit remains as efficient as possible, as well as the ease of commissioning the systems. This therefore saves on installation costs, whilst ensuring that the unit reaches its full performance potential.

Low Noise Levels

The sound levels on the systems are as low as possible. The units provide reduced air leakage, high thermal insulation and therefore sound levels are minimised as a result.

Control Options

The Sabik 500 can be controlled through the touch screen controller or automatically with the relative humidity sensor. Optional external controls such as AirSens® can also be installed.

Easy Maintenance & Commissioning

The units come as standard with two ISO Coarse 65% filters that can be easily changed. A high performance fine particle filter is also available as an optional extra, and required if building to the Passivhaus Standard. This enhanced filter is ideal for people with respiratory conditions and allergies.

The unit has flexible commissioning methods to ensure the utmost ease when it comes to setting the system airflows including the use of the modular constant flow control.

Product Codes
Product Code
Product Name
Product Description
Sabik 500 System
2x ISO Coarse 65% Filters
1x ISO Coarse 65% Filter, 1x ePM1 70% Filter
Modular Preheater
Constant Flow Module
VOC Sensor
Wall Spacer Bracket
Condensate Kit
4x 180 - 150mm Metal Reducer
Product Specification

Product Dimensions

Performance Curve

Question & Answers

How does MVHR work?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery works to ventilate the whole property by extracting air from wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, utility’s etc.), this extraction is passed through a central unit to recover as much heat from the air as possible before pushing moisture outside. At the same time fresh air is pulled from outside passed through the central unit to warm up incoming air and filtering it before supplying air to habitable rooms (bedrooms, Livingroom’s, dining rooms etc). These two air flows do not physically mix.

Does ducting require to be insulated?

Any ducting passing through an unheated area will require to be insulated. Ducting connecting the unit to/from atmosphere will require insulating.

How often does a MVHR need servicing?

Any MVHR unit will need the filters checking at least every 6 months. It may be at 12-18 months they will need replacing. This time scale will depend largely on the environment and speed of the unit. Ideally at a 5-year period the system should be checked to confirm operation is to standard.

MVHR is noisy, running fast:

This can be dependent on what MVHR unit you have. To ensure minimal noise units must be installed as per the design using proprietary components. Systems must also be commissioned and set up correctly to ensure performance. Some units may have humidity sensors that automatically increase air flow speed to control humidity levels, therefore at times of high humidity the system will be working harder. Some units may also automatically increase in speed as filters become clogged up.

Can I turn the unit off?

It is not recommended to turn the unit off, other than for maintenance. Turning the unit off can damage the unit and invalidate its warranty. Also, by turning the unit off and stopping air movement in a property can lead to other issues, condensation, mould, smells, etc...
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