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energiSava® 260

Lightweight & Compact Whole House Heat Recovery Unit

Ideal for smaller houses and apartments the energiSava® 260 is one of the most compact and lightweight on the market, achieving a high thermal efficiency of 88%.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient

    Delivering up to 88% thermal efficiency.

  • Made In The UK
    Made In The UK

    Supporting our local economy, lowering the carbon footprint.

  • Frost Protection
    Frost Protection

    An intelligent frost protection system prevents the heat exchange from freezing when cold outside.

  • SAP PCDB listed
    SAP PCDB listed

    SAP 10 Compliant

  • App Enabled
    App Enabled

    Greater control of your ventilation with the myenvirovent app.

  • 2 Year Warranty
    2 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.

  • Wireless

    Available with wireless remote control or myenvirovent app.


How does it work?

The energiSava® 260 provides optimum ventilation for a property with a minimum loss of energy. It extracts moisture-laden air from the wet rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchen and shower rooms. At the same time it supplies fresh air into the living areas (living rooms, bedrooms, dining room).

The energy from the extracted air is transferred to the new fresh air and re- supplied into the property, creating an all year round, ideal indoor environment. Suitable for Kitchen + 3 additional wet rooms and achieving a maximum airflow ® of 310 m3/hr (86 l/s), the energiSava 260 delivers not only the utmost practicality in installation flexibility, it also performs with exceptional efficiency, achieving a low Specific Fan Power of 0.66 W/l/s.

Intellitrac® Technology

The energiSava® 260 incorporates Intellitrac® Technology, the unique humidity tracking controls. The system continuously operates at a low level to ensure that the home is correctly ventilated, providing good indoor air quality with no user intervention required. As humidity rises and falls, the motor speed rises and falls in correlation. This controls condensation and reduces the time that the system operates on maximum speed, helping to save energy.

Functionality & Design

The system continuously operates at a low level to ensure that the home is correctly ventilated, providing all year round good indoor air quality.

The energiSava® 260 can be boosted via the switch live function or remote control to provide increased airflow. The wireless controller also indicates when the summer by- pass, frost protection and humidity tracking functions are activated. The automatic and integral summer by-pass controls the temperature of the air entering the home on warmer days. The easy push button commissioning pad enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.

Peace of Mind

Manufactured in the UK and part of the award-winning Lifetime Range®, the energiSava® 260 comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. To ensure the optimum performance of the system, it is important to maintain the unit. This can be done by simply removing the front cover and accessing the exchangeable filters (order code: FILTER-ES250).

Incredibly Versatile

The energiSava® 260 has been designed for ease of installation in mind. With vertical or horizontal mounting options, this powerful little heat recovery unit can be installed on the ceiling, wall or floor. It can even fit within a 600mm kitchen cupboard (depth 290mm). For wall mounting applications it comes complete with easy-fit brackets for rapid installation without the requirement to access the unit. Floor mount brackets available separately (order code: KIT-CONDENSATE-ES250-2).

Revolutionise the way you control your ventilation system

The energiSava® 260 is now available with the new myenvirovent App. It is designed to offer total control of the unit from anywhere in the home at the touch of a button. Not only does it provide smart userability for the resident, it also enables rapid commissioning for the installer:

  • Greater control of ventilation requirements in the home
  • Boost ventilation rates from anywhere in the home
  • Multiple user access
  • Filter change notifications
  • Instant unit status
  • Secure connection through a router
  • Commissioning from a mobile device
Product Codes
Product Code
Product Name
Product Description
energiSava® 260
Wall mounted
energiSava® 260
Ceiling mounted
energiSava® 260
Floor mounted
energiSava® 260
Wall & floor mounted (app-enabled)
energiSava® 260
Ceiling mounted (app-enabled)
energiSava® 260
Floor mounted (app enabled)
energiSava® 260
Wall mounted - left hand
energiSava® 260
Ceiling mounted - left hand
energiSava® 260
Floor mounted - left hand
energiSava® 260
Wall & floor mounted (app-enabled) - left hand
energiSava® 260
Ceiling mounted (app-enabled) - left hand
energiSava® 260
Floor mounted (app enabled) - left hand
Product Specification

Product Dimensions

Performance Curve

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